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Tutorial from Adafruit on using a MBP085 barometric pressure sensor with the Raspberry Pi. So many projects I want to build and play with, so little time.   Tutorial: Using the BMP085 with Raspberry Pi – Adafruit Learning System « adafruit industries blog.

Improved Arduino ADC Readings

Posted: 14th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Arduino
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So you’re using your Arduino to make an analog to digital measurement you say? How accurate do you need that reading to be? If your answer is that you’re looking to measure a precise voltage than you might need to look at how you’re getting your measurement. A simple read of the Arduino ADC is […]

Making Sense of Op Amps

Posted: 12th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Electronics
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Op Amps seem simple in concept but I’ve always struggled with their application. Here is a great discussion on the function of Op Amps via Hack a Day! Understanding op-amps from simple to hard – Hack a Day.