Adafruit Pi Dish for Raspberry Pi

Posted: 16th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Electronics, Hardware, Raspberry Pi

(Image: Adafruit)

This may be the rig for the next Raspberry Pi I buy. I want to do more breadboarding and development with the Raspi. The Adafruit gang really is awesome at predicting exactly what I will need/want to keep my workstation looking good.


Adafruit Pi Dish for Raspberry Pi – Includes Breadboard ID: 942 – $22.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits.

Controlling AC Devices with XBee – iDigi Blog

Posted: 15th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Electronics

(Image: iDigi)

I really think I need to get a few XBee modules for my home automation project. (see the github link on the right for HAL)

Controlling AC Devices with XBee – iDigi Blog.

Comments Off on Using the BMP085 with a Raspberry Pi From Adafruit

(Image: Adafruit)

Tutorial from Adafruit on using a MBP085 barometric pressure sensor with the Raspberry Pi. So many projects I want to build and play with, so little time.


Tutorial: Using the BMP085 with Raspberry Pi – Adafruit Learning System « adafruit industries blog.

Getting a Custom PCB

Posted: 14th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Electronics
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So you’ve got a nice new project that is electrically sound and want to convert it to your very own Printed Circuit Board. The venerable Lady Ada (Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries) has provided a great rundown of some PCB manufacturers and their strengths and weaknesses. Ready for your own PCB, check out the list and good luck!

PCB Manufacturers Reviews and Notes

Improved Arduino ADC Readings

Posted: 14th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Arduino
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(Image: Flickr User Tullius via WikiMedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

So you’re using your Arduino to make an analog to digital measurement you say? How accurate do you need that reading to be? If your answer is that you’re looking to measure a precise voltage than you might need to look at how you’re getting your measurement. A simple read of the Arduino ADC is only going to give you a rough approximation but the good folks at Hardware Hacking have a great tutorial on how to derive a more accurate reading. Put all those bit to work for you! (Found via the Arduino Blog)

Making accurate ADC readings on the Arduino | Hardware Hacking

Arduino RGB LED Clock

Posted: 13th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Arduino, Electronics
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Saw this first thing this morning and I love it. A beautiful clock with some many different ways you could signal the time. Might have to build one myself someday. (Via Adafruit)

Arduino RGB LED Clock


OpenBeam Build Ideas

Posted: 12th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Hardware

(Image: OpenBeam)

Back in the spring, I posted an article on GeekDad about a KickStarter project called OpenBeam. OpenBeam is an open specification t-slot extruded aluminum building system. What makes OpenBeam great is that the hardware is based off standard metric (M3) hardware so that you can buy all of the connector parts at any hardware store. The KickStarter was sucessfully funded, I have received my backer package, and OpenBeam now has a great web store open to buy OpenBeam parts.

Now comes my problem. I don’t know what to build for my first build and I am openly looking for ideas. I have 2 meters of OpenBeam and a couple nice stacks of connector plats. So, my dear readers, any ideas?

Making Sense of Op Amps

Posted: 12th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Electronics
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Op Amps seem simple in concept but I’ve always struggled with their application. Here is a great discussion on the function of Op Amps via Hack a Day!

Understanding op-amps from simple to hard – Hack a Day.

Get Making!

Posted: 12th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in General

Impromptu workshop in my hotel room for Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 (Image: Brian McLaughlin)

I felt it was long past time to get my own website up and running to talk about my Maker activities and I am right in the middle of a busy Making time. Working with my new Raspberry Pi, Arduino Projects, writing for GeekDad, getting ready for World Maker Faire, and other assorted projects keeps me plenty busy. This will be my place to keep track of things I find interesting, projects, and all of these activities. Hope you enjoy!