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Brian McLaughlin

I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and received an undergraduate in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. After college, I moved to Maryland to take an opportunity to work for Lockheed Martin on the Hubble Space Telescope program at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. I also worked as a contractor for SGT and I am now a NASA civil servant. So far in my career, I have supported the following missions:

  • Hubble Space Telescope
    • Advanced Camera for Surveys
    • Wide Field Camera 3
    • Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
    • Science Instrument Test System
  • James Webb Space Telescope
    • Integrated Science Instrument Module
  • Landsat Data Continuity Mission (Now Landsat 8)
    • Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS)
  • Primordial Inflation Explorer (PIXIE)
    • Instrument Systems Lead
  • uSpec (microSpectrometer) [Proposal]
    • Instrument Systems Engineer
  • Joint Polar Satellite System
    • Clouds and Earth Radiant Energy System (CERES) Instrument Manager
    • Flight Vehicle Test Suite (FVTS) Manager
  • Space Network
    • Software Manager

In my free time I work as a freelance writer. I am currently a contributor on the GeekDad blog, focusing on space education and engineering at home and I am working on a project book for the BeagleBone Black to be published by Que Publishing. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful boys at home that keep me busy but always smiling.

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