OpenBeam Build Ideas

Posted: 12th August 2012 by bjmclaughlin in Hardware

(Image: OpenBeam)

Back in the spring, I posted an article on GeekDad about a KickStarter project called OpenBeam. OpenBeam is an open specification t-slot extruded aluminum building system. What makes OpenBeam great is that the hardware is based off standard metric (M3) hardware so that you can buy all of the connector parts at any hardware store. The KickStarter was sucessfully funded, I have received my backer package, and OpenBeam now has a great web store open to buy OpenBeam parts.

Now comes my problem. I don’t know what to build for my first build and I am openly looking for ideas. I have 2 meters of OpenBeam and a couple nice stacks of connector plats. So, my dear readers, any ideas?

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